3 Tips When Pricing Your Home

When buying a home for the first time it is most likely the biggest financial decision you have made thus far. Now you are at a point when selling your home, for what ever reason, is just as big of a financial decision as buying. No matter what the reason for selling your home you still want to get as much of your investment back as possible. There are 3 key points to consider when pricing your home, market conditions, targeting, and price.

Having a good understanding of what the local real estate market is doing is important when determining to put your home up for sale. Depending on your circumstances it may be wise to hold off until the real estate market conditions improve. However, there are times when you need to sell your home as quick as possible. When the real estate market is humming with activity and there are more buyers than sellers of quality homes you will likely get more return on your investment when selling your home. Just the opposite may occur when there are more sellers than buyers. Different times of the year can affect both buyers and sellers. By knowing the effects of the seasons on the real estate market you may find your home will sell at a higher rate of return during that time frame. For example, during the spring and summer months there tend to be more sellers which, makes the market highly competitive. However, if you list your home in the fall and winter months there may be less competition especially if the climate is harsh.

In order to sell your home you have to have the resources to target potential buyers for your property. Real estate agents have the ability and know how to do just that. With the use of media, technology, and networking real estate agents can give your home the exposure needed to sell your home. The Internet has become a powerful tool in today’s real estate market for getting your home in front of potential buyers. If you home is not listed in with the local real estate listing service you could potentially be cutting out 75% or more of interested home buyers.

Finally, the most important thing to consider when selling your home is price. Typically, when the home you are selling on the real estate market is well priced it will sell quickly. Buyers these days are well educated and they typically use real estate agents to find homes that fit their needs. If your home is over-priced it may get over-looked for the simple reason that it is over-priced.