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  Real Estate agent
Sardinia, Sells Apartment
Bulgaria, Burgas, Vlas
Price: €   Available from: 30.06.2014
ap.A21, building 2
Phone: +359899976777
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About Real Estate

Headline:  ap.A21, building 2
Location:  Bulgaria,  Burgas,  Vlas
Price:   EUR, Price negotiating is possible
Prepayment:  2 000 EUR
Available from:  30.06.2014
Property type:  Apartment
Number of bedrooms:  1
Number of bathrooms:  1
Living space:  55.08 sq.m.
Total area:  64.45 sq.m.
Floor Number:  4 Floor
Floors total:  6 floors
Furniture:  None
Status:  Available

About us

Name: Sardinia
Surname: Villa
Phone: +359899976777
Company name: Villa Sardinia
Site (url): http://PIPG
Company logo or agent photo:
Location: Bulgaria, Burgas, Vlas
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